From 1971

Our Company experience is guaranteed by long presence on the market.
The name Fumagalli Spa is recognized by all operators, as a synonim of reliability and competence.

Reliability is our main prerogative.
The proof is our insertion in Vendor List of the most important Italian and International Companies.

Team and Company

Frequent train courses maintain high the level of professionalism of all our staff.

All technical inquiries are carried out and satisfied thanks to highly qualified staff and using the most advanced technologies.


The modern management system of warehouse and high products availability allow us to satisfy any customer needs in strictly compliance with contractual requirements.

Our flexibility allows us to manage any transport requirement (by land, sea or air) that is satisfied by using the most reliable partner and advanced technolgies.

1500Square meter of Offices
46Years of Company History
3500Square meter of Warehouse and Test Area
10000Square meter of handling area


Competitiveness, company organization and staff professionalism let us guarantee an efficient and accurate service to our customers.


  • Offices: 1500 square meter
  • Warehouse and test: 3.500 square meter
  • Handling area: 10.000 square meter